Community Relief and Development Action

Sustainable Economic Development in Action & Perspective

Who we are!

Community Relief and Development Action (COREDA) is a not for profit organisation registered both in Cameroon and Canada with the core principles of addressing social, economic and cultural dimensions in developing countries. Since 2009, COREDA has been actively providing activities and support services to cater for the needs of vulnerable communities in the South West and North West Provinces of Cameroon.

Today, COREDA is the largest community organisation in Cameroon, with a variety of programs and services. Hence, helping thousands of  vulnerable individuals in remote communities each year. Since its inception, COREDA have proudly served over 5,000 individuals. Our main guiding principles are participatory, sustainable, inclusive and balanced development, gender equality, fairness and equal opportunities for all regardless of tribe, greed, race or religion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and sustainably improve the living conditions of children, women, vulnerable youths and disadvantaged rural and indigenous remote communities in the South West  and North West Regions of Cameroon

Our Vision

We envision a society whereby everyone will have equal opportunities to thrive and live a fulfilled life.

Various projects

  • Project for Ophans
  • Project for Drinkable water
  • Project for Toilets
  • Project for Economic Empowerment