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Press Release

The management of COREDA wishes to inform the public and other stakeholders that the following appreciation message was sent to one of our international partners called Kitchen Table Charity Trust.

The message read thus;

Thank you letter to Kitchen Table Charity Trust from COREDA – Cameroon

We are pleased to send to you brief information thanking the supporters of KTCT and how the grant will make a difference.

Here is the information:

“Community Relief and Development Action (COREDA) and the entire village community of Bulutu are grateful to all supporters of KTCT for the grant award of £10,000. The grant will make a great difference by bringing safe and clean gravity fed pipe-borne water to about 2000inhabitants of the entire village community of Bulutu. The clean water system will enhance community health and well-being by reducing the incidence of preventable diseases and deaths especially among children associated to poor hygiene/sanitation and the drinking of contaminated water. The grant will also improve upon the general hygiene and sanitation of the entire village community, stop open defecation around the primary school premises and reduce the great burden on women and children who travel long distances usually on hills and valleys in search of drinkable water thus enabling children to engage more time in studies and women in other productive activities”.

This thank you letter is also found on the website of Kitchen Table Charity Trust UK.