COREDA envisage a society in which everyone will have equal opportunities to thrive and live a fulfilled life. A society free of all forms of social injustice

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Within the framework of our long term engagement and strategy in providing quality primary education to orphans, vulnerable and needy children in our communities, we started in a rental apartment in September 2016 a holistic primary educational program. The program is currently serving over 120 needy children and is blended with literacy, numeracy, psycho-social, emotional, outdoor activities and feeding support. Despite the ongoing socio-political upheavals that have paralyzed formal educational activities in several parts of the South and North West Regions of Cameroon, our centre has remained a safety net and a veritable force for the education of orphans, vulnerable and internally displaced children. Tiko community with relatively stability has remained a refuge for many internally displaced people especially children and women. These children need humanitarian assistance but most importantly an education to guarantee them a brighter future. We believe education can’t wait and the right to education is non-negotiable and must be sustained even in the face of crisis. However, many challenges have continued to hamper the effective running of our educational program among which include insufficient space to enrol many more children who have been approaching us on a daily basis. We have work hard to acquire a piece of land for the permanent site of educational program and we hope if we build a school, we will be able to provide long term quality primary educational and social support to needy children.


At a time when climatic conditions are changing rapidly, when land is fast degrading, when rainforests are dwindling, when peasant farming communities still carryout unsustainable farming practices, when farm yields are taking a nose dive and food insecurity on the rise, climate smart agriculture is imperative. We are engaging peasant farming communities in adopting climate smart agriculture that will improve livelihood, ensure food security and family food sufficiency while ensuring environmental sustainability. Our unique resilient approach mitigates the impact of climate change on agricultural yields, restores soil fertility and reduces pressure on the rainforest in quest of new portions of fertile land through adaptive techniques of Ing- alley cropping. Local community members are trained on climate smart agricultural techniques and supported practical to adopt the new farming system. This pilot program that started in Elambeng village community within the Bakossi Ecological Reserve is being requested in several other farming communities. We need support to expand our climate smart agricultural program in other communities.


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene(WASH) is a real need in many communities and schools within our area of operation. Many children die in Cameroon each year because of preventable diseases such as cholera resulting from poor hygiene and sanitation. Once schools and communities have access to basic hygiene and sanitation facilities and proper WASH education provided, there will be a significant improvement on health and wellbeing of children, women and communities. In a bit to savage the poor hygiene, sanitation and lack of safe drinkable water in our communities, we build toilet facilities in schools, educate communities on WASH, provide drinkable buckets/cups and drill boreholes, protect springs and water catchment and install gravity flow systems. We need your support for our WASH program.


Our community health outreach program include campaigns and sensitization on sexually transmissible diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, promoting voluntary testing, linking infected persons to treatment centres, sexual and reproductive health such as managing menstruation, family planning, safe abortion, malaria prevention etc. We also support community health centres and hospitals by providing essential needs such as hospital beds and benches that patients can sit while waiting on a doctor to attend to them. Following our need assessment, many community health centres hospitals lack basic medical equipment. We have identified some community health centres that need hospital ward beds, delivery beds, radiography equipment etc.


Many schools and communities do not have access to computer resources. The rate of computer illiteracy is very high with many students completing high school and even universities without having an opportunity to interact with a computer. To bridge the digital divide and ensure the integration of children, youth and women into the digital world of today, we are running an integrated computer training program aimed at enabling children, youth and women acquire basic computer skills. We are also educating the youth on the productive use of ICT tools. The computers are also loaded with interactive educational programs to stimulate independent learning attitudes in children and advance literacy. We have identified many schools that need our support. Please partner with us to bring computer and digital literacy to schools and communities in Cameroon.


Building toilets as a means of enforcing toiletry hygiene and sanitations in remote schools and villages.COREDA intends to extend this project to many other remote communities. This will sustainably improve the living conditions of children, women, vulnerable youths and disadvantaged rural and indigenous remote communities in the South West  and North West Regions of Cameroon.

COREDA envisage a society in which everyone will have equal opportunities to thrive and live a fulfilled life. A society free of all forms of social injustice