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We welcome both local and international volunteers, but it is not something that should be undertaken lightly. Hopefully, the guidelines below might help you to assess what you can offer COREDA and communities where we work and what COREDA and communities can offer you in return.

Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to learn about other cultures while being part of an organization dedicated to improving the lives of others. You will find working in our communities challenging, demanding, rewarding and a lot of fun, knowing the time you spend with the children, women and communities will have a lasting impact on their lives while enriching your experience which will never be forgotten. We want volunteers who will bring new ideas, adapt to local conditions and have a positive and a collaborative attitude. The ideal volunteer will deeply experience our culture, gain first-hand experience in interacting and working with local communities, and share in the daily challenges faced by local communities we serve.

Cameroon is a perfect destination for those wanting to volunteer in Africa. Having a volunteering experience in Cameroon means you have experience the entire Africa as the country embodies the entire continent of Africa. This is why Cameroon is popularly known as “Africa in Miniature”. The country is made up of more than 250 ethnic groups with diverse cultures. It is endowed with natural resources – mountains, lakes, beaches, rainforest, wildlife etc. It has remained an arena of peace in the turbulence Central African Sub-Region. Besides being political stable, the Cameroon people are very loving and hospitable.

The semi-urban community of Tiko in the South West English Speaking Region of Cameroon is where COREDA focuses its activities and the effort of volunteers.  Tiko is a thriving lowland coastal community with a total population of over 90,000 inhabitants. The community is hosting many camps that harbor laborers of Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC). You will find several CDC camps, banana, palms and rubber plantations, sandy beaches, mangroves and a lovely and welcoming people that will make your volunteering experience exciting. The community has remained relatively stable in the face of the ongoing Anglophone crisis and has been a safety net to many internally displaced people especially children and women. The community is at proximity to Mount Fako, Limbe Wildlife Centre, Limbe Botanic garden and Atlantic Beaches that can enhance a wonderful volunteering experience.

Cost of Volunteering: The average cost of volunteering per volunteer for a period of a month including lodging, accommodation and local travel and health is estimated at $1,200

The following volunteering opportunities are currently available at COREDA-Cameroon

  • Holistic Primary educational program (Teaching of literacy and numeracy skills)
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Education
  • Hygiene and sanitation programs including body hygiene
  • Sport and outdoor activities with children
  • Psychosocial support and peace building education.
  • Climate Smart Agriculture
  • Leadership and Empowerment of youth

Interested in Volunteering? Fill out the volunteer opportunities  online  application form below.

Interested in volunteering with COREDA in Tiko, Cameroon? Fill out this application form or contact us on our contact page and we will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your service experience that will never be forgotten.

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Advocacy & Human Rights
Arts & Culture
Children & Youth
Community Development
Computers & Technology
Education & Literacy
Health & Medicine
Crisis Support
Disaster Relief
Women & Gender Equity
Holistic Primary educational program (Teaching of literacy and numeracy skills)
Sexual and Reproductive Health Education
Hygiene and sanitation programs including body hygiene
Computers & Technology
Community Development
Women & Gender Equity
Psychosocial support and peace building education.
Sport and outdoor activities with children
Climate Smart Agriculture
Leadership and Empowerment of youth
1 month
2 months
3 months
6 months
1 year
More than 1 year
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Through an employee with COREDA
Referral from former volunteer
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